A standard metallic cash drawer with enough space for placing bills, cash and coins having candid locking system.
4 spaces for bills, 8 for coins, 1 for checks.
3-position lock.
Metallic money holder.

Catégorie : Accessoires

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Fabricant : ZkTeco

Model Name ZKC04008-12 / ZKC04008-24
Type With 4 spaces for bills, 8 for coins.
Check Slot 1 Check Slots
Lock 3-position lock.
Dimensions 410mm (W) x 420mm (L) x 100mm (H) (Not counting feet, rubber)
Material Housing made of cold-pressed steel sheet and drawer, made of ABS plastic.
Pulse Amplitude 12VDS / 24VDS
Money Clip Standard Wire Clip
Gross weight 6.5Kg
Net Weight 5.6Kg
DC 12V, 24V DC
Interface RJ11 (Direct connection to Ticket Printer and Cashier Interface 12V or 24V)
Color Black